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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Announcing: Weekend Blog Showcase

Ann of Thibeault's Table and I are excited to unveil a revamped version of the blog showcase... Announcing  Weekend Blog Showcase!

The Weekend Blog Showcase is an opportunity to cook and share the recipes we all drool over from our fellow bloggers.  Ann and I will take turns hosting the Showcase.  To participate, prepare a recipe from another blog other than your own and post about it.  In your post, make sure to link back to the blog you've borrowed from.  (It's always a nice touch to leave a comment on your referenced blog, as well.)  Place the Weekend Blog Showcase logo on your post, then sign into Mr. Linky on either Ann's or my Weekend Blog Showcase post for that week, leave a comment, and visit the other participants' entries.  That's it!  Easy and fun!

Our first Weekend Blog Showcase will begin on Saturday, October 1, at All That Splatters.  On behalf of Ann and myself, we thank you in advance for 'playing'!  See you on Saturday!


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