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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo - My Way

I had this pretty pasta that I wanted to use. I figured a red sauce would cover it up too much, so I decided on an alfredo sauce. What I ended up doing was sauteing minced garlic in a little olive oil, then added a whole chicken breast cut into 1-inch cubes. Once the chicken was cooked on all sides, I deglazed the pan with a little white wine and chicken broth and let that reduce. Once reduced, I added half 'n' half and let that lightly simmer until thickened, at which point I added chopped flat Italian parsley and chopped sun-dried tomatoes. While the chicken was cooking, the pasta boiled away. When the pasta was al dente, it was mixed in with the chicken and sauce. Another easy dish. I was eating in less than 1/2 hour. Unfortunately, it didn't photograph quite as well as I would have hoped... But I'll have a glass of the white wine I used in the sauce... maybe you should, too! I'm hoping I'm well enough to make it into the office tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!


Christina Kim said...

Another delicious pasta to help with your healing!

Martha said...

I think it's pretty! A great looking dish!


Dragana said...

Chicken Alfredo is my son's favorite. Love the fancy pancy pasta!

Thibeault's Table said...

Love the ribbon pasta. And alfredo with chicken. YUM!!! Hope you are feeling better.

Jamie said...

This looks delicious! And I love the dried tomatoes mixed in to add that flavorful tang. Beautiful!

La Table De Nana said...

I love YOUR PRETTY PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have never seen ribbons w/ volor..
Oy I will be on the lookout!I am a sucker for those things..What a very pretty meal!

Lauren said...

I love the idea of sun dried tomatoes in an alfredo sauce, and the pasta is beautiful!

MaryBeth said...

This is my all time favorite pasta...the noodles are so darn cute!

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